Volunteer - Become a Foster Carer...


Fostering a cat or kitten can be a real joy and very rewarding. All you need is time, patience and a love of our feline friends.


The cats and kittens offered for fostering can come from a range of environments - social, friendly and healthy through to stray, abandoned and neglected. Age is usually from 4-10 weeks, although we do take in, space permitting, kittens and cats of all ages.....5-6 month old, unneutered/spayed felines being the most prevalent.


Your responsibilities will include ensuring the felines are well fed and kept clean, maintaining records of worming, flea treatments, vaccinations, de-sexing and other veterinary visits. We would also ask that if you take on a long haired cat that you endeavour to groom him/her regularly. Your foster charge will also need to be well socialized with every day experiences around the home, and with other animals and children if you have them.


You will need a safe, secure place to keep your feline without them being able to escape. However, they will need space to explore and get their exercise requirements. Cat Care Incorporated will supply you with everything your foster feline requires.

You will need to be prepared to have potential adopters come to your home to meet your cat/kitten and spend some time getting to know if this will be the right one for them.


Our foster carers are a hugely important part of what we do, without them we could not help these felines. To grow as an organization, and to help even more felines, we need more foster carers. Unlike some other animal welfare organizations, we do not have a sanctuary, we rely solely on foster carers taking these kittens/cats into their homes We need YOU!


If you think you can offer your time and open your home to a foster cat or kitten/s please contact our foster co-ordinators who will organize a time to meet with you to discuss this further, look forward to hearing from you!