About Cat Care...

When Cat Care Rangiora was formed on 1st June 2006, there were no animal welfare organisations in the area. Over nine years later we are still going strong and bigger and better than ever. As of 14th October 2010 we became Cat Care Incorporated.

Cat Care Incorporated consists of members and volunteers who devote time and effort fund raising to assist in the relief of suffering and distress amongst stray and abandoned cats and kittens, including the provision of food and shelter, and veterinary assistance where necessary for the cats and kittens that come into our care.

Our duties include fostering and socialising, trap neuter and return, educating owners on the proper care of cats, including the need for good nutrition, de-sexing and vaccination. Where necessary we provide humane euthanasia.

Cat care promotes de-sexing both males and females for the benefit and health of your pet. Also to stop the spread of Feline Aids which is a killer!

We also help to reunite lost and found cats/kittens with their owners.

We also have traps and carry cages that may be borrowed for a small charge. Cat Care take NO responsibility for any cat trapped by the public.

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